Nechells to Bordesley (Birmingham)

JSM has been appointed by a UK DNO to deliver a dual 132kV circuit and associated 10 joint bays in the heart of Birmingham.  The overall route in built in Birmingham was over 6km and presented over 13 Special Engineering Difficulties including watercourses, the Grand Union Canal, railway bridges and culverts, tunnel works and the decommissioning of 2 no 132kV oil filled cable circuits.

In addition, the route was completely congested with live circuits. Tight programming was required to minimise disruption to the general public. JSM also excavated around a medium pressure gas pipe at a 20m joint bay location and sought agreement with a 3rd party utility company before proceeding with the excavation.

JSM devised bespoke solutions with the client.  A reroute had to take place while the project was under way as sections of the route presented issues such as  concrete  being found  under the central reservation. We assisted the client with the design and the proving of  the reroute.

JSM specialist decommissioning team removed the fluid filled cables and all associated apparatus and spiked the cables. Residue oil was recuperated and handed over to a specialist recycling waste contractor.

JSM was responsible for all traffic management for the duration of the project and kept Birmingham City Council and other key stakeholders informed about progress of works until the project was completed.