Stourport to Wribbenhall

JSM was appointed to carry out the decommissioning of oil filled cables and the installation of a new EPR 33kV cable circuit together with one pilot cable, 2no EPR 11kV cable circuits and 2no spare 11kV ducts from Stourport Primary Substation to Kidderminster in Wocestershire. The route was 2.8km long and went through roads, verges, footways, waste land and a disused railway line around Stourport.

Special engineering difficulties included the presence of a bridge with limited cover and an area requiring directional drilling dealt as follows:

  • Mitton Bridge – The cable was laid in a steel duct when crossing Mitton
  • Bridge due to the minimal cover. All steel ducts were bonded together
    by CAD Welding.
  • After Mitton Bridge there was a very narrow footpath which was hand
  • Oil Pipeline – there was an oil pipeline in the vicinity of Minster Road. Contact was made prior to carrying out excavations

Decommissioning of the 33kV oil filled cables over 2.2km including removal of 2 tanks and 7 joints.

JSM delivered the works on time , on budget and to the requirements of the client.