Environmental Awareness

4 hours

The Environmental Awareness Training Course looks at the problems faced by our environment and addresses our responsibilities in the workplace to help reduce negative environmental impact.

Show commitment to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Environment Act 1995. By the end of the course the delegates will understand the importance of environmental awareness and how they can support their workplaces initiatives regardless of their position.

  • To promote awareness of Global and Local Environmental issues and how we can affect them.​
  • To provide an overview of key environmental legislation specific to our industry.​
  • To highlight how we can be effective in planning our environmental management on site.​
  • To introduce the effective use of resources and methods to improve waste management and minimisation.​
  • To provide guidance on how to respond in the event of an environmental emergency.​
  • For you to think about a personal action plan for environmental improvement in your role.​