Face Fit Testing

20 mins per FF or 4 hours full course

Face fit testing is a process to ensure a wearers respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is fitted correctly to minimise the risk of airborne hazards such as dust, gases, and particulates.

The aim of this session is to introduce all delegates who use tools that produce harmful dust to the face fit test and ensure that the equipment is properly fitted.

It has been developed using the structure as laid down in HSE 282/28 Document. There are two types of tests Qualitative and Quantitative. The type of Face Fit mask being worn will determine which of two tests is completed.

A qualitative face fit test is a simple taste test that can be used to test disposable or reusable half mask respirators only.

A quantitative face fit test can be used on all respirator types, full face, reusable half masks and disposables.

By the end of the session a Face Fit Test will have been conducted, to enable you as an employee/individual to work in an environment safely.