Fire Marshall

4 hours

This half-day Fire Marshal training course covers the role of the designated fire marshal (fire warden).

Cost per person: £80.00

  • To understand the Roles and duties of a Fire Warden/Marshal in your workplace​
  • To understand the cost implications of a fire in the workplace​
  • To be able to identify the causes and classes of fire in the workplace​
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the types of Fire Extinguisher, associated Firefighting equipment safe use of Firefighting appliances​
  • Understand the safety considerations when dealing with a fire​
  • To describe the relevant inspection and recording procedure​
  • Conduct practical training in the use of Fire Extinguishers​
  • Understand the Proactive and Reactive role of the Fire Warden/Marshal​
  • Understand the Duties of the Fire Warden/Marshal