2739 – Site Mechanical & Electrical Engineer (Resident Engineer)

Hemel Hempstead

Role Description

This is a site-based role working within the project delivery time. The primary role of the site engineer is to ensure that all works are executed in accordance with the requirements as set out in the main contract.


Skills and Experience Required:

  • Degree Qualified or engineering equivalent i.e. HNC/HND
  • Membership of any Statutory or Trade Bodies
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience on similar scale Projects
  • Full UK Driving License
  • Competent in use of MS Word, Excel and Office Outlook.

Project Description

Project is a design/build of a new High-Voltage (HV) Substation to meet the power requirements for a confidential Data centre project located in Hemel Hempstead, London Heathrow. (LHR). The HV substation equipment shall be located within the boundaries of the site.

There shall be power transformers situated in the-AlS switchyard, segregated from the DC and substation facilities (and equipment) by suitably sized and rated fire walls.

Each transformer is connected via underground cables to an associated MV Switchboard housed in the Utility MV switch room.

Principal Duties and Accountabilities

The primary role of the Site Engineer is to ensure that all Works are executed in accordance with the requirements as set out in the Main Contract, in particular that the works are executed:

  • In a good and skilful manner and in accordance with best building and engineering practice
  • In accordance with this Contract and free from fault or defects, save for minor faults or defects which shall be dealt with in accordance with the defect’s provisions of the Contract
  • To fully comply with the Owner’s requirements set out in the Construction Documents.
  • To fully comply with applicable laws and all Statutory Requirements, Design Codes, Building regulations, the Planning Permit, and the other Consents.

In addition to the requirements-set out above; a more descriptive set of requirements are set out below; the RE’s shall:

  • Monitor and validate site operations’ by means of signed Inspection Reports containing photos; in relation to Contract requirements, governing standards and quality of workmanship and materials
  • Liaise with clients Construction Management and Contractor
  • Draw attention ‘to any issues relating to safety and give instructions in an emergency
  • Attend benchmarking reviews in conjunction with the Contractor, the client and-agree to the Quality Standards to be achieved in the execution of the Works
  • Liaise with Site Staff as appointed by the Contractor
  • Participate in Site Coordination meetings
  • Obtain information on and become familiar with any Owner Procedures and Standards applicable to the executions of the works and adhere to these in carrying out any services
  • Participate in the carrying out of independent audits of the Works as directed by the client Team
  • Conduct a weekly update call with the client for progress updates and issue resolution
  • Participate in daily site walks with the relevant sub-Contractors
  • Maintain an up-to-date set of all design and production information on site
  • Monitor the preparation of As-Built records and drawings, auditing 30% of Contractor supplied As-Built information for accuracy of content
  • Set up and maintain appropriate samples of products, finishes and workmanship as appropriate to establish and agree quality levels for site work
  • Check drawings for errors and discrepancies
  • Take systematic site photographs at agreed intervals ensuring they are date stamped
  • Provide Weekly Reports monitoring the performance of the works “including compliance to quality standards and metrics on mock-ups / benchmarks, RFI’s, Technical Submittals and Site Inspections
  • Report immediately on the following;
    • Performance of the Contractor where’ this is likely to adversely affect the Design, Quality of execution and schedule for the works
    • Actions or incidents likely to affect safety or security.
  • Inspect the progress and quality of the works
  • Attend site progress (meetings and participate in reviewing progress and identifying information requirements
  • Maintain a site diary with daily entries in sufficient detail to record the progress and circumstances-of incidents which may affect the design, cost and schedule of the works ‘and which may be called upon in adjudicating claims or other disputes
  • Witness\sample taking and any site testing of materials, components, techniques and workmanship
  • Witness the opening up of completed work to determine that it is in accordance with the contract documents
  • Make-inspections of and report on sites of the extraction, fabrication and assembly of materials and components as appropriate
  • Record and report (by way of NCR report) on any work which is not in accordance with the requirements of the contract
  • Establish contact with and attend meetings with Building Control / Municipality and other Approved Inspectors
  • Attend all meetings with Statutory Authorities held on site and take minutes of same
  • Participate in post completion review of the project to enable future improvements to design, procurement and administration
  • Respond to RFI’s and Technical Submittals within one week of receipt. The Design Team shall communicate directly with the client Construction Manager and notify the client Design Teams of all communications
  • Review completed spaces and develop punch-lists upon completion of each phase


  • Private Pension Scheme
  • Health cashplan
  • Discount and cashback scheme
  • Competitive salary

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