Multi Utility, Camden Lock Village, London


JSM was appointed to carry out complex multi utility civils and installation for gas, water, electricity and comms on the Camden Lock Village mixed use regeneration project in the heart of the old Camden market in London.




3 Months

Date Completed

June 2016

JSM delivered the works in line with Mace’s tight programme. The scope of works included providing asset protection to several live National Grid 400kV cable circuits and associated cable insulation oil lines and monitoring systems during the main piling works. Following these protection works,

Key project deliverables

JSM assisted with the designs and carried out the following works on a constraint site and a busy area of London:

  • Gas distribution pipes – JSM excavated, provided temp support and backfilled trenches, and installed the pipes,;
  • Potable water services – JSM excavated trenches, provided temp support, supplied materials, installed, pressure test and chlorinate, backfilled trenches to existing levels. JSM also supplied and installed 1 no DN100 hydrant;
  • LVD Power Ducts – JSM excavated trenches, provided temp support, supplied materials, installed ducts and turning chambers with draw chords and backfilled trenches;
  • Data/Comms cable Duct – JSM excavated trenches, supplied materials, installed duct and chambers and backfilled trenches,;
  • Sprinkler supply services – JSM excavated trenches, supplied and installed pipe work, pressure testing and backfill trenches;
  • Low Temperature Hot Water pipes – JSM excavated, provided temporary support, installed pipes in trench on sand bags, backfilled trench, provided attendance to welders for welder’s pits;
  • Highway works in the busy surrounding roads;

Services Provided

  • Noticing and planning
  • Project Management
  • Site Supervision
  • Interface Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Multi-Utilities Installation
  • Excavations inc deep excavations
  • Backfilling
  • Reinstatement