Health & Safety

JSM is committed to ensuring that compliance is achieved and maintained throughout the Organisation via conformance to internal procedures and external requirements, such as those required by ISO 45001:2018 to which JSM retains registration, as certified by the BSI.


JSM`s commitment to the provision of safe working environments & maintaining the health of its employees is evident throughout all of its undertakings and confirmed by its historic positive performance, which is internally promoted and externally recognised.

Projects & Services are planned and executed in accordance with the requirements of the IMS. An assigned SHEQ Advisor is embedded into the project at conception and works in harmony with Line Management to ensure that risk is reduced to the lowest practicable level and controlled. All operations are monitored to identify opportunity for improvement.

We are continuously implementing and developing behavioural based practices & processes that aim to improve the working environment at JSM and the habitual behaviours of our staff. These practices contribute and support JSM’s mission for creating an Incident Free Environment (IFE) for all JSM employees, contractors, clients, consultants, suppliers, partners and those who may be affected by our acts or omissions. To attain this environment, JSM take a proactive approach in respect of Health and Safety and seek innovative solutions throughout its business.

Mental Health

JSM recognise that holistic wellbeing and positive mental health is a key contributor to overall business performance, to ensure its vision is fulfilled and to safeguard those working for, or on behalf of the business, JSM have made significant investment in the provision of awareness campaigns, training, resources and ongoing support in respect of mental wellbeing to protect employees and provide a gateway to resilience.