Multi Utility, Hearn Street, Hackney, London


JSM was employed as specialist contractor to provide multi-utility service installations for the BMCE new build Commercial and Residential high-rise buildings on London’s Hearn Street, Hackney.




6 Months

Date Completed

August 2013

The two buildings required substantial new utility infrastructure to be installed in the public highway on a narrow highly congested street.

Key Project Deliverables

  • JSM’s scope included liaising with the statutory utilities to agree a multi-utility trench design agreeable to all parties. All drawings for the scheme were compiled issued in AutoCAD and PDF.
  • JSM coordinated the street works with TfL, LB of Hackney and other third party stakeholders. Of particular importance was coordinating the phasing of the works to allow access to local businesses, residents and to UKPN to their sub-station at all times, 24/7/365.
  • JSM undertook excavation, backfill and reinstatement of the external services trench including the installation of: 1x 125mm 11kV rigiduct; 2x 200mm HDPE LV ducts; 2 No. UKPN 33kV civils duct networks consisting 1x200mm HDPE, 2x 89mm pilot duct, bare copper earth (free issue UKPN) and associated cable pits in separate trenches with minimum 2 metres separation; 8x 110mm BT PVC ducts (free issue) and associated chambers; 6x 110mm Comms PVC ducts and associated chambers; 1 No. 125mm MP Gas main and 1 No. 200mm LP Gas main. BMCE were able to save considerable time and cost on the construction build by instructing JSM to design, manage and build the new utility installations in one package.

Services Provided

  • Contractor
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Site supervision
  • Excavation
  • Multi-Utilities Installation
  • Reinstatement
  • Traffic Management