Supplier & Sub Contractors

JSM from time to time subcontract out some of our specialist services or in times of significant increase in peak demand employ subcontractors to help complete works.

We adopt a very stringent qualification process which ensures we only employ the right subcontractors who share our beliefs and values and can demonstrate they adopt the same levels of health and safety, quality, integrity and customer service.

The qualification process and ongoing assessments and audits are designed to make sure we achieve this.

If you are interested in becoming a subcontractor then please download, read and complete fully the application document below and submit using the details contained therein providing all supporting documentation as required.

Once done, JSM be able to assess if we will be able to employ your services and add you to our list of preferred subcontractors.


Supplying of services, materials and products

JSM use many different materials and products to enable us to operate effectively and efficiently as a business whilst delivering a quality service to our clients.

To facilitate this we have many suppliers of materials and products who we continually audit and assess to ensure we are retaining best value for money, are securing the best possible sustainable products, materials and services available on the market.

We expect all of our suppliers to share the same integrity, levels of customer service and green credentials as we do here at JSM.