JSM helps local allotment safely level the access road

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Recently JSM were approached by a local resident to help provide aggregates to fill and level the access roads at Kenton Lane Allotments in Harrow-Weald.

The allotment community members ages range from 1 year old to the eldest plot holder being 97 years old so the safety of members accessing the allotments was vital.

Kate Williams site representative and honorary secretary for the allotments said:

“The allotment community site offers exercise, the chance to grow fruit, veg and the opportunity to educate the children of the families on our site of where their food comes from. The biggest thing it helps with is positive mental health.”

Honouring our commitment to help our local communities we arranged to have 100T of Type 1 aggregate delivered to the allotments. Residents were extremely grateful for the goodwill gesture and look forward to safely accessing their beloved allotments.

Claire Parsons our Environmental Manager visited the allotment and said:

“I met Kate, Helen and Alan from the Kenton Lane allotment team and they were very community spirited people with a passion for growing fruit and veg! They really appreciated the support that JSM gave them and are looking forward to their access road being re-built using the Type 1 JSM donated.”

Following the delivery of the aggregates Kate Williams said:

“Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to JSM for coming to the rescue of local allotment holders, whose site road was unfit for purpose. Following JSM’s generous contribution to making our roadway safer for our plot holders and families ”