JSM volunteers at Barking Food Bank

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On 31st October 2023, JSM provided a volunteer team to support the food bank. The day was focused around sorting through inventory, to sort through food donations by date and product and to help organise and tidy the food bank.

The Food Bank recognise that ending hunger is about more than food. They provide practical support to people in crisis to tackle the root causes that lock people into poverty and build their resilience so that they are less likely to need a food bank in the future. Their vision is a borough without the need for foodbanks.

This opportunity has led to collaboration and development of relationships between Barking Food Bank and JSM and local communities of Essex and London who use the Food Bank will benefit.

Claire Parsons our Environmental Manager organised the day and said,

“The JSM volunteering team – Oliver Wales, Nadia Amrane, George Galloway & I exceeded the Food Bank Operations Manager expectations by putting in the hours to deliver and re-stock the Barking Foodbank, meaning that for the next two weeks, their volunteers can distribute complete food allocations including non-food items, which will mean a lot, to many people in need.

Funmi Ikele Operations Manager at Barking Food Bank said:

“I am ecstatic at how much work the team managed to get done today. Demand for the food boxes is higher than ever and donations are at there lowest. Any support provided is much appreciated and we thank JSM for the support.”

JSM Employees can spend two days a year volunteering in their local communities as part of our social value offering in line with our One Planet Action Plan, Sustainability Strategy.