JSM working to deliver a new Avalon Data Centre in Buckinghamshire


JSM Group has been appointed to design and build a new grid connection between Mop End Lane and Haw Lane in Buckinghamshire.

The work spans over 16.4km in both the carriageway and footpath. Upon completion, the work will facilitate the connection of a new Avalon Data Centre via a new 132/11kV 120MVA substation.

This will be carried out in two phases, phase one will be the cable duct installation. Phase two will consist of pulling cable and jointing the lengths to make a continuous cable which requires three joint bays to be open at any one time for connections to be made.

Our in-house experts are working hard with key stakeholders including Buckinghamshire Council to ensure minimum disruption to the Public. This includes planning and using the least disruptive route to emergency services and local amenities, 24-hour weekend working and providing advance warning of the works. Additionally, we’ve provided all local residents with a single point of contact should they have any safety concerns while the works are ongoing.

As the works progress, we will continue to hold frequent reviews with Buckinghamshire Council Highways and provide weekly updates to assess suitable changes as the project develops.