JSM working to deliver Data Centre in Prologis Park Hemel Hempstead


JSM Group has been appointed to design and build a new grid connection between Hillfield Lane in Elstree and Blossom Way in Hemel Hempstead.

The works spans over 16.3km in both the carriageway and footpath. Upon completion, the work will facilitate the connection of a new Data Centre in Hemel Hempstead via a new 132/33kV substation. Elstree 400kV substation is the nearest substation that has suitable load capacity to supply the demand for the works. Leep Utilities is the statutory undertaker for the cable installation works.

This will be carried out in two phases, phase one which will be the cable duct installation and phase two which will consist of the excavation of joint bays, cable installation and jointing then reinstatement and site cleared.

This involves the excavation and installation of ducts in various roads with planning liaison between JSM Group and Herts County Council. Due to the nature of the works and the impact on the local infrastructure the route has be planned to minimize the disruption to traffic in the surrounding areas wherever possible, this has included avoiding main roads, working longer hours, working outside schools during the summer break and carrying our 24-hour working at the weekends in specific busy locations to reduce the impact and delay on traffic due to the working week traffic flow.

JSM has installed advance warning signs and carried out letter drops of the streets prior to the works commencing. These letters include contact details for the project manager and site manager specific to each road so residents can personally contact the said individuals with any concerns or requirements that they may have. JSM are contactable 24 hours a day to deal with any on site issues.

The traffic management is carried out by a designated approved company who installs and maintains the traffic management with 24-hour contact numbers displayed on all site’s ready to deal with any out of hours emergencies.

Our in-house experts are working hard with key stakeholders including Hertfordshire County Council to ensure minimum disruption to the Public. As the works progress, we will continue to hold frequent reviews with Hertfordshire County Highways and provide weekly updates to assess suitable changes as the project develops. A project specific web site is available to track weekly progress and planned work.