JSM have developed two innovative systems that have been extensively trialled and used to deliver projects in the UK, they are known as: NICE® (Non-Intrusive Cable Extraction) and NITE (Non-Intrusive Tank Extraction)


NICE® is JSM’s no dig, direct buried cable removal system – it is an advanced method for removing underground decommissioned fluid filled cables without the need for traditional open cut trenching for the length of the cable thus mitigating any environmental risks of leaving the cables buried. It is an approved method of cable extraction for National Grid.

NITE is JSM’s proprietary method and toolset for the removal of buried decommissioned oil cable feeder tanks without the requirement for large deep excavations.

Both methods offer significant physical advantages by reducing disturbance and disruption but also significantly reduces health, safety and environmental impacts during the extraction process over traditional methods.

NICE® - drill system animation.