JSM currently holds the registration for ISO 9001: Quality Management.

Quality Management is used to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

This is achieved through a set of policies, processes and procedures that are focused on allowing JSM to reach the expectations, standards and requirements of our clients and staff.

The IMS (Integrated Management System) gives us the foundation in establishing the company culture based on continuous quality improvement. JSM is dedicated to operating every aspect of the business to the standards outlined in the IMS as it allows the company to offer the highest possible quality of service.

Quality control is supported by JSM’s progressive management style and is measured daily by means of internal audits conducted by JSM’s in-house SHEQ department, external audits by the accreditation body with whom we are registered with and our client’s own health and safety teams.

Sub-contractors are obliged to comply with JSM’s Quality Management guidelines as a condition of appointment.