The policy of JSM Group Ltd is to determine to, agree and conform to our customer’s needs and expectations, whilst fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001: statutory and regulatory requirements.

The establishment of an integrated management system (IMS) give us the foundation in establishing the company’s culture based upon continuous quality improvement.

The integrated management system (IMS) is based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001, BS EN ISO 14001 and BS EN ISO 18001 which the company is fully committed to fulfilling.

The Directors and management team at JSM are committed to operating every aspect of the business to those standards that offer the highest possible quality of service to all our clients.

This is supported by a progressive management style that encourages a true quality culture throughout the company.

The effectiveness of the IMS depends on full commitment from all personnel. Managers and staff are encouraged and motivated to implement the system as a matter of company priority.
Sub-contractors are obliged to comply with the system as a condition of appointment.
The IMS is monitored by planned audits, management reviews and effective corrective and preventative action.

Quality is measured on a daily basis by means of internal auditing together with external verification which is carried out by various external bodies to which we are registered, along with continuous SHEQ auditing being conducted by our clients.