JSM understands its responsibility in minimising impacts to our environment. JSM’s ISO 14001:2015 accreditation is used to set our standards and objectives and targets in order to drive continued improvements in our environmental performance.

JSM monitors and records its carbon footprint from its activities in order to set our benchmarks for improvement and manage activities that best minimises environmental impact.

We believe it is our responsibility to operate in the most sustainable manner possible, in order for future generations to prosper.That is why JSM encourages its suppliers, contractors and all business associates to follow JSM’s lead and conduct business in the most environmental and sustainable friendly way possible.

Corporate Social Responsibility

JSM recognises that good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) embraces all aspects of sustainable development and the way we affect people through our business operations.

We are dedicated to supporting our local communities and will proactively identify opportunities for JSM to engage with local people while providing charitable work. As a company, JSM takes part in numerous charity events throughout the year which help raise money for worthy causes which benefits the community’s health, well-being and environment.

This year JSM will continue to undertake CSR work that includes environmental projects that address the litter problems in our local communities as well as supporting the enhancement of public realms.