Cable Fault Division Related Works

Landor Road Stop Joint refurbishment

The New Cross to Wimbledon circuit is a 275 kV single core lead sheath cable running from New Cross Primary Substation to Wimbledon Primary substation. This circuit has been in service for a number of years and requires regular maintenance to repair any faults and to inspect the system for signs of deterioration and repair as required.

General Scope of works: Refurbishment of 275kV Stop Joint

Set up site, excavate on stop joint bay expose and remove the outer fibreglass protection boxes on 3 phases. Remove the insulation compound, inspect the plumbs and immediate cable sheath for metal fatigue, stretching, cracks, mechanical integrity, shape, symmetry, traces of oil and quality of workmanship.

All poorly made or defective plumbs will be remade and reinforced as per National Grid specification.

Expose all 12 oil tanks and replace all copper pipe work and re-plumb all oil lines, check all line and tank pressures, pump up as required. On completion, the joints will be reinstated and the joint bay backfilled again to National Grid specifications and requirements.

Re-route x-bonding leads and install new terminations.