Docklands to Romford Data Centre Scheme

JSM as the Principal contractor undertook works for the installation of 1No communications duct for provision of a 144 fibre cable between Docklands and Romford Data Centre.

The route which was 1.9km in length involved all related civil engineering works including SED’s and specialist Traffic Management, installation of 1 x 144f cable, jointing, terminations and testing of all fibres. The project also included the installation of new racks and equipment within the data centre itself.

JSM were responsible for ensuring CDM compliance and the management of the supply chain utilised on the project. JSM operates an Integrated Management System (IMS) which includes procedures covering the CDM regulations.

There were a number of SED’s that were overcome on this project which required bespoke engineering solutions. The route crossed the Lea Valley Viaduct. To solve this, the duct was strapped and secured to the underside of the structure. JSM also successfully completed a 110m horizontal directional drill underneath the A13. Both solutions required additional stakeholder management coordination with the Local Authority and other parties.