Hereford 66kV Cable Scheme

JSM secured the contract to install two new 66kV cable circuits and associated Surf Telecom ducts from Hereford Grid to Hereford Central substations. This work is required to reinforce a 66kV network for an UK DNO.

The installation of two 66kV underground circuits were installed in 160mm “Emtelle” smooth walled UPVC ducts for its entire length. The ducts laid in trefoil formation and bound together at 1.5m intervals, trefoil groups having 500mm between centres, each circuit will be a three-phase circuit using 1000mm² Al XLPe cable. As well as the cable install we excavated joint bays, provided cable jointing and the reinstatement of all excavations

As part of the works we also installed 2No. ducts and pits for SURF Telecom.

The cable route of approximately 9.3km consists of works in road, verge and footway through rural and residential areas of Herefordshire, including traffic sensitive areas. The route also included excavation under a culvert. The ends of the route are within the client’s operational sites. The new circuits were terminated with composite type cable sealing ends on the existing structures at both substations.