London to Slough and Hayes Data Centres

JSM as the Principal Contractor undertook works for the installation of 1No communications duct for the provision of a 144 fibre cable to connect the network of a major telecoms client to 22 BT Exchange sites located within Central London and two main Data Centre sites located in Slough and Hayes.

The civil works involved the construction of new network which was 12.4km in length and included SED’s and specialist Traffic Management. Due to the challenging programme timescales, sections of the new duct were installed in the Thames Water sewer network for three of the sites totalling 2.6km in length.

On completion of the civil works to link all the sites a new 144f fibre optic cable was installed in both new and existing network which totalled 39km in length. This was followed by jointing, terminations and the testing of all fibres.

The project also included the installation of new racks and equipment within the two Data Centres at Slough and Hayes.

JSM were responsible for ensuring CDM compliance and the management of the supply chain and specialist subcontractors utilised on the project. JSM operates an Integrated Management System (IMS) which includes procedures covering the CDM regulations.