Milford Haven Grid 132kV Cable Scheme

This contract awarded to JSM was to deliver the installation of 7 No 630sq mm Cu 132kV XLPe cable circuits, solidly bonded laid in trefoil, which were in turn, laid in a ducted system within the substation and adjacent agricultural land.

The circuits were terminated on aluminium SES within the Milford Haven substation compound and 132kV tower sealing end platforms on adjacent land.

To enable us to carry out these works scaffolding installations were required on both SES and SEP. Earthing link boxes were also installed at each structure location.

JSM’s primary contract and delivery responsibilities were:

  • As Principal Contractor for the project ensured full CDM complianceand the management of supply chain and subcontractors
  • Ensure compliance with all Health, Safety & environmental legislationand requirements
  • Co-ordinate and deliver the project within the programme and budget
  • Plan and liaise with stakeholders
  • Risk management
  • Temporary works design
  • Draw off, securely store and utilise all contractor supplied materials in a timely manner
  • Produce and manage all drawings and records.
  • Interface management of other third parties such as Local Authorities, Police, residents, business owners was managed throughout the contract via a series of weekly meetings. Letter drops to local residents was undertaken in advance of the works.

JSM using a specialist HDD contractor successfully completed an UTX where Network Rail reported that rail movement of only -1 to -2mm had been detected throughout the works, which, taking into account the normal EDM and rail temperature fluctuations, indicated an extremely successful and professional completion.