NICE® Westcombe Park Road, Greenwich

NICE® (Non-Intrusive Cable Extraction) is JSM’s innovative technology for removing underground decommissioned fluid-filled cables without the need for breaking the surface with traditional method of open cut trenching along the entire length of the cable length. For this project, JSM teamed up with a UK Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to trial the NICE® technology for the first time on a live network. Prior to this project NICE® had been trialled in other environments for other clients.

This project, jointly funded through Ofgem’s Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) and the Client, was to be used as an opportunity to create a case study to demonstrate to UK DNO’s alternative techniques to the traditional replacement approach for EHV and 132kV cables.

JSM was required to remove and replace one 132kV Fluid Filled Ali Sheath 3 phase cable circuit with a new useable ducted system on Westcombe Park Road in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Employing NICE®, JSM removed and replaced 460 metres of buried underground electricity cables and only 60m (13%) of the route length needed to be open cut. Extraordinarily, JSM managed to remove and replace 60m of cable in just 30 minutes.

The Client’s Field Engineer said: “This is an innovative way to remove old cables and to re-use the route. Because of this technology we were able to replace the cable without closing the road to dig a new trench.”

This project also successfully fulfilled its environmental targets such as reduced carbon footprint levels due to less lorry movements, less excavated material sent to land fill and less new material delivered to site for reinstating the roads when compared with average traditional method levels.

In addition, JSM hosted an open day for industry professionals from other UK utility companies at Greenwich to see NICE® in action with Engineers assessing the impact of this technology.