Garreg Lwyd Windfarm

JSM was appointed to install a new 66kV cable circuit and two Surf telecoms ducts and associated 38 joint bays and 78 chambers from Knighton Primary Substation to Garreg Lwyd wind farm at Powys, Wales.

The route was over 23km long covering a wide range of terrain including roads, verges, footways, agricultural land and residential areas of Powys. Predictably, we encountered a high number of Special Engineering Difficulties along the route requiring special management including 19 watercourses, and a viaduct,. We used a combination of open cut and HDD to manage them based on the client’s design.

JSM also carried out over 38 cable jointing and made off cable end terminations onto 2 overhead sections and cable sealing end structures at Knighton Primary and Garreg Lwyd substations as well as performed the testing of the 66kV cable.

For the duration of the project, we provided detailed traffic management including 2 way lights,, Chapter 8 Signing and Guarding road closures , traffic diversions and coordination of material/cable deliveries and plant movements. We built up landowner relationships by meeting and listening to landowners, discussing easements areas and agreeing access points, undertaking pre and post conditions surveys and erecting stock proof fencing.