Ryalls Lane, Cambridge Gloucestershire

The contract awarded to JSM was to deliver the installation of 6 No Suedkabel 1600mm 2 Aluminium cable on to sealing end structures within a new substation and 6 No on to a SEP on a 132kV cable tower. The installation of scaffolding on both SES and SEP.

Carry out 12 No outdoor terminations type EHFVC 145 on XLPE cable with lead sheath and cadwelding top connectors on aluminium conductor cable terminations, 6 No on the SES within the substation and 6 No on the SEP on the cable tower.

Earthing link boxes also installed at each structure location.

JSM’s primary contract and delivery responsibilities were to:

  • Ensure compliance with all Health, Safety & environmental legislation
    and requirements
  • Co-ordinate and deliver the project within the programme and budget
  • Plan and liaise with stakeholders
  • Risk management
  • Temporary works design
  • Draw off, securely store and utilise all contractor suppliedmaterials in a timely manner
  • Produce and manage all drawings and records.