Slough to London

JSM delivered a new telecoms connection between Slough and the City of London for one of the their biggest telecommunications Client. This project was intricate and utilised various in-house departments such as the Comms Civils team, the Sewers Division, the Splicing teams and the Streetworks Department.

At the time, this was the longest project (in meterage) that JSM had undertaken in its history. This project saw the installation of fibre cables over the distance of 42km.

JSM’s Planning Team assisted the Client with the design of the route. JSM made alterations to the route to reduce the total route length and incorporated installations in the Thames Water sewer network and canal tow paths to accompany the standard highways installation.

JSM worked with a variety of stakeholders and this had a severe impact on the creation of the programme. The Streetworks Department obtained permits and authorisations from all the relevant Councils and stakeholders before installing the cables in their assets, As a result, it was necessary for JSM’s works to take place at specific times. However, works were still subject to weather conditions, thus making planning difficult and creating the need for contingency plans to minimise delays. However, through effective communication and creative thinking, the project was completed on time and to schedule.

A significant amount of fibre cables was installed in the London sewer networks between Ealing and the City of London.

As with ground level operations, permits were also required to work in different sections of the sewers, which added to the complexity of the project planning.

The sewers are very weather-sensitive and if rain was expected, works could not take place as it would be likely that the sewers would be flooded. The works was scheduled from January to May when it is common to have rainfall, so JSM ensured the programme was flexible enough to accommodate such predicaments. JSM’s Sewer Team contains professionals who have numerous years of experience working in this high-risk environment installing fibre networks and have experience with the enforced time constraints.

Environmental hazards were also not exempt from this project. Before work commenced, Japanese Knotweed was identified on Trout Lane, West Drayton, following an environmental survey by JSM Consultants. The plant was located along both sides of the tow path and the infestation occupied the area of approximately 120m2, with the potential of the rhizomes being anywhere else within a 7m radius of the area. A plan was scheduled to successfully remove the infestation.

This Slough to London project was another example of JSM completing a major project successfully, while cohesively uniting various departments within the company.

Upon completion of this project, JSM had worked with a number of high profile stakeholders who included five different London Boroughs, the City of London, Slough County Council, Canal River Trust (CRT), Historic England, Transport for London (TfL) and Thames Water. This project is a great achievement for JSM’s Communications Department.